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Revekka Kyriakoglou

Laboratoire d'Intelligence Artificielle et Sémantique des Données
Université Paris 8

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I am an assistant professor of computer science in the Université Paris 8. I am a member of the Laboratoire d'Intelligence Artificielle et Sémantique des Données (LIASD) and of the research team PASTIS. My main line of research is focused on the field of combinatorics on words and symbolic dynamical systems, as well as natural language processing and deep learning.

Currently, I work in the field of Natural Language Processing. Specifically, I work on the project MALANTIN (machine learning for the automated textual analysis of non-technological innovation). This is a project that brings together computer scientists, linguists and economists, around the problem of extracting and collecting multisource data on the theme of the recognition of non-technological innovation. The MALANTIN project is an exploratory research project between the laboratories: LISIS (ESIEE, France), LIGM (Université Gustave Eiffel, France) and LIASD (University Paris-8, France). My work in this project entails the automation of tasks in order to prepare data for deep learning (data curation/preprocessing).

  Research interests: combinatorics on words, formal languages, symbolic dynamical systems, natural language processing, deep-learning.